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I am an illustrator, graphic designer and artist living in Gorham, Maine. My work blends my love of color and contrast with a strong graphic sensibility. I am committed to using my skills to solve the client’s needs using both traditional techniques and digital technology. 
I’ve been creating ever since I was in diapers, (just ask my mom). When I was given crayons, my bedroom walls became my canvas!  When I was about eight, I even created a stunning abstract mural on the brick wall of my parent’s new addition.  The masons were kind enough to leave some cement for me, so I took advantage. I really got into it, and I thought it was pretty cool. My parents were not impressed. 
But soon my parents began feeding me a steady stream of paint by number kits, auto and military models and craft anything to build. So create I did. And when not working on my latest masterpiece, I was out in the woods, playing, fishing, and perfecting my mud sculpting skills. Magically, our house remained a safe place for adults to enjoy.
I graduated with a BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology and have been working as an illustrator, graphic designer and artist for over 30 years, producing concepts, logos, graphic and photo-realistic images. When not creating, I enjoy spending time my wife, two college aged kids and Gordon our Border Collie mix. My other interests include, spending time outdoors, hiking, fishing, gardening, swimming, and finding a good beer.
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